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Resume of Andrew Fischler Jr.

Work Experience

Lime Group LLC

Senior Graphic and Web Designer New York, NY August 2005 — December 2008

As practically the only staff designer when I started, I helped many of the companies in this umbrella organization and played my own small role in their explosive growth. Many times I would find myself working on projects for multiple companies simultaneously, so learning how to manage projects became imperative.

Lime Wire, LimeSpot, Lime Wire Blog Network, The New York City Streets Renaissance, Lime Brokerage, Tower Capital Research, MagnetMix
Web site design, coding, and maintenance. Interface architecture, design, and prototyping. Print design and management duties — including ordering for multiple companies. Branding. Iconography. Video editing and encoding.
Managing usability testing. Agile project management techniques. How to interview potential team members. How to work in an open source shop. Working with advanced version control (SVN and GIT).

Heartbeat Software

Interface Designer New York, NY December 2003 — July 2005

Originally a contract employee working on web and print designs, I soon signed on full-time to work on their web-based presentation software. Over time I interacted in many phases of the interface design process.

Heartbeat Presenter, Heartbeat Profiler, Forest Lexapro, Forest Namenda, Sepracor Xopenex
Web site design and coding. Interface design, prototyping, and rebranding. Print design. Ad design.
Expanded understanding of interface design and architecture techniques. Major advances in my Photoshop skills.

Monetaire LLC

Experience Engineer New York, NY July 2001 — October 2003

Working as a contract employee at this startup sometimes required long hours and heroic efforts. I learned much about dealing with multi-national corporations and meeting critical deadlines in high pressure situations.

Monetaire Advisor, Strong Private Client, Citibank Portugal, Citibank Italy, Citibank Spain, Swingvote
Web site design, coding, and maintenance. Interface design and prototyping. Print design. Branding. Iconography.
Coordinating my work with clients and team members overseas. Working with version control (Visual SourceSafe).

Marathon Data Systems

Web Designer Ocean Township, NJ January 2000 — May 2001

While hired as the first web designer in the history of the company, my duties also included a sizable amount of graphic design work. On occasion, I would also interact with members of our client base directly.

PCT Online, Applied Radiology,, Duraclean
Web site design, coding, and maintenance. Interface design. Print design.
How to code by hand. How to integrate my work into a server-side programing environment.

Freelance Designer

Web and Graphic Artist Weehawken, NJ November 1999 — Present

My career started as a freelancer. It continues to play a role in my professional life to this day. My eyes are always open for projects that offer me new challenges, opportunities to learn, and chances to hone my craft.

BrooklynVegan, MyBloop, iStandFor, Think Green Media, SmartAssistance, Talk Point Communications
Web site design, coding, and maintenance. Interface design and coding. Print design. Ad design. Branding.
A good portion of the skills I use on a daily basis.


Brick Computer Science Institute

Graphic Arts Program Brick Township, NJ October 1998 — October 1999

Enrolled in classes to learn more advanced Photoshop and Illustrator techniques to enhance my self-taught skills. This included a fundamental grounding in the basics of design, whether dealing with print or digital media. Acted as a teacher's assistant for instructor Adam Fiveson for a brief period.

Point Pleasant Boro High School

General Studies Point Pleasant, NJ September 1999 — June 1995

Earned my high school diploma, along with a Certificate of Honor from the Industrial Arts Department in my senior year thanks to my skills working with AutoCAD. One of my projects earned first place in a county wide competition.